The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 56)

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<center>**A puff pastry and bread and honey house for Sebastian**</center>

Sebastian is a child with autism spectrum syndrome.
His birthday is in a week and his grandmother wants to give him a very special gift, that makes him feel happy and loved by his closest beings on that special day for everyone who loves him.

Grandmother Marta, went to a place away from the sea coast where they lived, a mysterious place and enchanted by the ocean spirits of the place.
Those spirits of the place were her friends and she could talk with them.

When Grandmother Marta arrives at the place, a lot of magical creatures peeks through the bushes, realizing that she is her friend Marta, they all leave jubilant to greet her and to receive her in her comfortable home on the shore of the coast.

After the kisses and hugs of rigor, Marta tells them the reason for her visit.
The little beach genieds express their innocent joy at being participants in Sebastian’s birthday celebration.

That said Marta and her ethereal friends set out to build a place of magic and fantasy for Sebastian.
With puff pastry and butter they erected cookie-shaped walls, barniadas with nougat and peanuts.

In a cylindrical shape like that of a medieval castle, of bronze and sepia color, surrounded by a spring of fresh water, which stood out from a shy stream that expressed its desire to participate in Sebastian’s birthday.

A rosary of translucent dragonflies rose to the top of the castle to crown it with a roof of fresh and crunchy corn flakes.

While a chorus of fireflies and ladybugs decorated the contour of the legendary building with glittering streamers ruby ​​gold.

The celestial bodies also cooperated to build this world full of magic for Sebastian, with a sunset orange orange honey bath the windows, the door and the fireplace, the moon covered with milk a fountain of candies and marshmallow sticks, to delight Sebastian’s sweet palate.

A courtship of crabs, sea sponges and newborn turtles built an inflatable mattress, with bread crumbs, nuts and freshly made chocolate chips, in the furnaces of daytime ants.

Everything is ready to honor the birthday boy, who has reached his anniversary day.
Sebastian can not be happier to contemplate the fruit of the effort of his beloved grandmother and his friendly spirits.

Together with them he celebrated his happy birthday.

<center>**End of story**</center>

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The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 56)

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